General Cleaning

  • Clean sink and taps and remove lime scale and polish where required
  • Clean the inside of all cupboards and drawers
  • Wash and polish all work surfaces
  • Floors to be cleaned, hovered and moped
  • Oven to be scrubbed externally and internally to remove all built up grease
  • Tiles to be cleaned

Bedrooms Cleaning

  • We will clean all windows and doors until they shine
  • All the bedroom furniture will be wiped over, inside and outside
  • Cupboards and wardrobes will be cleaned to perfection
  • The light fittings will be well clean so that it sparkle
  • A thorough vacuum of carpets under beds, or mop if applicable
  • Dust and wipe down skirting boards

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Tiles, shower screen and floor to be cleaned
  • Bath to be washed and scrubbed
  • Mirrors to be cleaned
  • Toilet to be washed and disinfected
  • Any cupboards or fixtures and fittings to be cleaned
  • All skirting to be dusted and all scuff to be wiped off
  • Windows and doors to be wiped clean

Lounge & Hallways

  • Windows and doors to be wiped and polished
  • Dust and wipe skirting boards
  • Mopping of hallways and stairs if applicable
  • The light fittings will also be wiped down
  • Vacuuming of stairs and hallways
  • Cleaning of mirrors and pictures
  • Windows and doors to be wiped